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Is your garden winter ready?

Have you picked up all those autumn leaves which have fallen off your trees?  What am I meant to do with them all I hear you say.  Well, I always turn my leaves into compost and then reuse them in the garden.  I normally turn my autumn leaves into mulch in the following easy way:

Take a black bin liner and make a few holes (not too big else the leaves will fall out) on the sides and bottom.  I will then rake up the leaves and put them into the bag.  Take care not to overfill as you will need to tie the bag up and also as the leaves turn to compost the weight of the bag will change too.  Leaving space to tie the bag, I then sprinkle a little water onto the leaves in the bag as give it a little shake to distribute evening inside the bag.  The bag is then stored in a shady spot and left to rot down.  You will land up with a lovely mulch which can be used in your garden around the base of plants.  (Note: If you have disease on the leaves like black spot and rust then it’s best to collect these carefully and burn rather than spreading the pathogens. )

Here are some other tips for making sure your garden is ready to face the cold frosty winter and things that need to be done now.

marigold in winter

Top 10 tips:

  • Plant spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. Daffodils need to be in by the end of this month.
  • If you want to add some winter colour to your garden and containers, you may want to plant some violas, pansies and cyclamens. These are great colour additions to any garden.
  • Pick up fallen leaves and turn them into mulch for next year.
  • For lawn care, pick up all fallen leaves (again you can turn them into mulch), aerate by using special equipment or by using a garden fork, pushing it into the ground making breathing holes for the grass.
  • Also remember if you need to cut your grass to cut it on a higher setting.
  • If you have a fruit or vegetable garden, now is the time to plant your berries bushes (check individual labels to ensure they are not spring planting types).
  • Apple and Pear trees need pruning between now and February time so if you need help pruning your trees give Simon a call and he will come and give you a hand.
  • If the weather is really horrible and you don’t want to be in your garden, then think about ordering your supplies for spring e.g. fruit trees and potatoes and seeds.
  • Lastly, do not over-water your garden as during the winter most plants get enough water through rain water.