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Driveway Border re-plant

The decision to plant with herbaceous and grasses was done for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the client likes lots of colour and flower structure.  Secondly, the client is away through the summer period visiting family abroad and comes back to the UK for the autumn period.  Thus it made sense to go for late flowering perennials of which there were Helenium, Asters , Sedum and Kniphofia to name a few.  These are to be managed to optimise the autumn arrival of my client and therefore some tipping of the buds will be required.

Once the border had be cleared it was dug over and all large stones and roots were removed. Border One and some of Border Two (See pictures) were in need of widening and definition work. Next was consolidation and raking to an even surface..  Fish blood and bone was then scattered on the surface and plants laid out before a little tweaking was done to the order of the plants before planting.  Finally, a layer of mushroom compost will be applied to increase soil fertility, build structure, keep weeds at bay and retain moisture thus avoiding root burn and heavy transpiration (water loss through leaves).