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Lawn Rejuvenation – Autumn

Autumn renovations – We removed thatch and lateral grass shoots by hand using a springbok rake – this was done in numerous directions.
Mowed on a high cut with box on to suck all the debris up & raked once more. This time a little lighter. We then mowed on a lower cut and box.
Solid tine to ease compaction and encourage air circulation to roots whilst also creating holes for the top dressing to fall into.
Top dressed with 80% sand to 20% loam.  This was worked into the sward and levelled to assist drainage; levelled out undulations; encouraged a better root zone for grass to germinate in and provided an environment hostile to thatch.
Applied grass seed and fertiliser (low in Nitrogen but high in Potassium and Phosphorous to encourage healthy root growth and tough vegetation for the cold period)