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Lawn Rejuvenation – Spring/Summer

We’ll apply a selective herbicide to kill any pernicious weeds left in the turf after the first round of works.  (Dandelions, Daisy , Buttercup etc..)

Apply and slow release fertiliser with an emphasis on the vegetative growth so higher in Nitrogen. The grass will grow greener which will look great but importantly each grass plant is photosynthesising rapidly and therefore this boost of food will help produce healthy chloroplasts in leaves and healthy vascular systems of phloem and xylem.

If will have a really hot summer then it will be good to irrigate.  Especially for those grasses near the edge and under trees were they have to compete with other plants.  The will be done first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If the grass needs more food, then I would apply another dressing but not after August as we then go into Autumn conditions as we don’t want the grass to be too soft and fleshy.