Seasonal calendar 2016/17 – Managing your garden

Seasonal calendar 2016/17 – Managing your garden

Our seasonal calendar 2016/17 will guide you so that you can manage your gardening tasks appropriately and at the right time.  Let’s get the best out of your garden.

Autumn – September 22, 2016
Winter – December 21, 2016
Spring – March 20, 2017
Summer – June 21, 2017

watering pots
Don’t let your pots dry out!  Water them regularly.

In the meantime, till Autumn starts, keep watering your garden regularly, tending to pots daily if possible as these dry out very quickly in dry weather.  The first calendar tip is to deadhead flowers regularly to encourage further growth as featured below.  Finally, mow your lawn at least once a week on a high setting to provide insulation from the heat.  This will also help reduce moisture loss from your soil.


Deadheading is a term used for when old flowers are removed from your plants.  Most flowering plants will flower more vigorously if you remove old flowers on the plant regularly.  A good general rule is to remove any flowers which have either faded or died.  This also makes plants more attractive as there are no old flowers either still on the plant, around the base or in between the foliage.

How to deadhead

Well, this is a fairly simple task to execute.  You can do this with either your finger and thumb, secateurs, small scissors or a knife.  Some plants can be a bit trickier to just snap off the dead buds, in which case the secateurs or small scissors comes in handy.  I can hear you shouting… Do I need to deadhead all my plants?… The answer here is no.  There is a great article on the RHS website which will help you answer this question in more detail.

Following on from our seasonal calendar, our next blog will be about how to get your garden winter ready, so please come back regularly to see our updates.

Happy gardening!